Tuesday - October 20, 2020
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Forget Q-Anon, It’s Time To Go Down The Rabbit Hole To Discover A New Conspiracy Hero, S-Anon

July 17th, 2020

Listen, I’m not going to say that Kanye West dropped out of the race for President of the United States just because I announced I was running. After all, I’m writing this, not reading it out loud. But I do find it coincidental that after I announced I was running for president last Friday, within days, Kanye suddenly dropped his 2020 campaign. Kanye announces his brief run for president before backing out because he’s scared of running against me. Hmmm. Suspicious. Kind of like a lot of other behavior by famous folks lately. Perhaps you’ve been hearing about some of it. Certain big-name... Read More

Introducing… The Video You Deserve: The Greatest Music Video Of All Time!

June 15th, 2020

It’s Monday. Yeah. We feel you. And so, we’re debuting a new feature. This feature. And in this feature, every Monday, we’re going to give you a music video. A fun, funny music video. Something that’ll make you smile, make you laugh, make you reminisce, and make you realize that back in the day, music video creators were probably either insane or heavily intoxicated. But were also incredibly entertaining. We call this feature, The Video You Deserve, and you can find it here every Monday! And so, what video did I deign to be appropriate and deserving for our first ever Video... Read More

Shots To The Heart: Episode 4: Spicy Nuggs

April 2nd, 2020

Spicy Nuggs, that’s right, Spicy Nuggs, joins us to regale us with a Tinder dating story that’s, yes, spicy, about meeting up with a man who seemed intriguing at first, but who was actually interesting in many other strange ways…  Read More

Shots To The Heart: Episode 3: Countess Bathory

February 24th, 2020

Had a bad date? Of course you have. And that’s why we’re here at Shots To The Heart, to let you tell us your story so that we and all our listeners can commiserate and laugh about the awful experience. In this episode, we talk to Bathory, who gives us the lowdown on a draining experience she had with a guy who had some unusual things happen during the course of their time together.  Read More

Shots To The Heart: Episode 2: The Bad Boy and Bocephus

February 20th, 2020

In our latest episode detailing horrible dating stories, we meet Bocephus, who tells us about a story of thwarted “love” when she was much younger, with a man who was concealing quite a bit from her, which she would later discover…  Read More

Shots To The Heart: Episode 1: Taking His Shot(s)

February 14th, 2020

In this episode, we meet Ginger, a young woman who was fixed up with her friend on a date with a guy who took his shot… by trying to get her to take too many shots. However, soon the tables were turned, as his foray into drunkenness sent both of them on an awful, yet hilarious, journey of dating disaster.  Read More

Eventures – The Rise of Skywalker

December 31st, 2019

Sean and Jackson give the parents and child’s perspective on the latest “Star Wars” film, “The Rise of Skywalker,” and also talk about it from the perspective of an adult who’s grown up watching the original series and a child who’s caught up on them and only seen the most recent trilogy in theaters. It’s an interesting look at the saga and the latest film.  Read More

Scott Beck And Bryan Woods Scaring Up New Films With ‘Haunt,’ ‘Boogeyman’

September 14th, 2019

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods aren’t slowing down. The duo, who grew up making indie films since their teen years in Bettendorf, Iowa, and currently reside in Los Angeles, shot to prominence with “A Quiet Place” last year, after over a decade of under-the-radar ups-and-downs in Hollywood. Currently, Beck and Woods are in Canada in pre-production on a new project they’re “not allowed to talk about yet,” that they’re writing and directing. “It should be a fun one,” Wood said. “I wish we could other than we’re still following our heart down the horror genre that path and we think... Read More

Eventures – Spider Man Far From Home Review

July 28th, 2019

As always with Eventures, Sean and Jackson Leary look at family-friendly entertainment from both a parent’s and a child’s perspective. In this episode, they review the hot new film “Spider Man: Far From Home,” and give you their perspectives as a parent and an 11-year-old kid. Will the movie wrap you up in its web? Find out!  Read More

Well… It’s a Funny Story – Episode 2: Patrick Adamson

April 3rd, 2019

Comedy Sportz legend and Establishment Theater owner Patrick Adamson relates an amusing tale of woe, wonder and wellsprings of laughter in the latest episode of Well… It’s A Funny Story…  Read More